A recent article published by Fortune Magazine stated that millennials are the ultimate job hoppers. Others publications contended millennials are no more so than Generation X.

If you’re a small business owner, chances are you have a mix of peers working hard to bring the enterprise’s goals to life. You also know good employees are your best assets.

To help retain good employees and decrease the wish to job hop, one thing you can do is offer more benefits. These don’t need to cost a fortune either.

In this article, we’ll explore a few ways to provide low-cost benefits to staff, including:

1. Dental Discounts

“Wait a second”, you may be saying.

Dental + Health = Big Bucks.

Not so with Avia Dental Plan. It’s more like a dental discount price club vs. traditional insurance.

With an Avia Dental Plan subscription, you get real and substantial savings along with a range of added bonuses, such as prescription and vision markdowns.

For affordable monthly rates starting as low as $8.25 per month, small, medium, and big businesses are turning to Avia Discount Plan to provide an attractive benefits package for employees. Your personnel, in turn, may apply these affordable dental plans to save up to 50% on routine dentist visits and even expensive dental procedures

2. Telecommuting Opportunities

We all want a better work-life- balance whether single or family-oriented. To help accomplish this goal, consider delegating one or two days per week for employees to work from home, if feasible. This added bonus costs nothing to you and gives employees the chance to skip long commutes in heavily populated cities.

3. Flex Time

Similarly, progressive companies are adapting a flex time culture, allowing workers to complete task at their own pace. For super-fast workers, this adaptation has the potential to free up one day per workweek.

4. Gym Subscriptions

Some local gyms offer corporate gym discounts giving you less to pay out of pocket for each company member. Consider the health benefits of a gym subscription and the dual benefits it would offer your company. With health-conscious employees reporting to work each day, your productivity rates will likely soar.

Give the Gift of Good Dental Health

To learn more about affordable dental plans offered by Avia Dental Plan, call (888) 431-(888) 431-2273. Quick estimates can also be sourced online. We hope this article helped you find out how you can provide low-cost employee benefits to boost employment retention.