Federal insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid provide limited dental coverage for enrollees, according to USA Today. For seniors on Medicare, dental coverage comes with the added expense of signing up with a private Medicare Advantage program.

The Average Cost of Dental Insurance

The premium you pay for dental insurance is entirely dependent on the carrier. To provide our readers with a ballpark figure, however, we looked to Investopedia, a personal finance and investment website.

Investopedia’s findings revealed the average monthly premiums for individuals is $50 per month or $600 per year.

What Does Dental Insurance Cover

Is it worth having dental insurance? On average, dental insurance pays for preventative care, including regular cleanings. Dental exams are also covered, however, these are limited to two appointments within a 12 month period – for most insurers.

Basic restorative services, such as fillings are partially covered, as enrollees need to  pay roughly 20% percent of the final cost.

When it comes to more complex procedures like getting a crown or root canal, for example, patients who have an existing insurance plan in place usually have to pay 50% of the final bill.

There are even more limitations outlined by dental insurers. For example, the average enrollee is assigned a minimal spending cap of $1,000 per year.

This then begs the question: Is dental insurance worth it and are there more affordable alternatives?

Avia Dental Plan believes that dental insurance is beneficial for everyone.

We also think there is a better way to go to the dentist without paying high out-of-pocket annual costs.

Our dental health plans cost around $8.25 per month for individuals and offer savings of 20% – 70%, including on restorative care. The full fee schedule can be found here.

Common Scenario

If you go to the dentist for preventative care twice per year with an Avia Dental Plan, you’d pay approximately $35 per visit on an individual plan (costing around $99 per year). Comprehensive oral exams cost around $18 per year.

To summarize, the average cost for preventative care, twice per year, and if your teeth are in good health would be:

  1. Bi-Annual Cleanings = $70
  2. Bi-Annual Exams = $18
  3. Annual Membership Fee = $99

Total: $187

Compare this nominal fee to the $1,000 annual fee you’d pay on a dental insurance plan that’s barely used.

This scenario is ideal for dental patients who have healthy teeth. For patients who need extensive care, comprehensive cost comparisons can be researched by checking out Avia Dental’s fee schedule.

If you’re impressed and are ready to save on going to the dentist, join online or by phone at 1(888) 431- 2273.