How many times should you visit the dentist?

The rule of thumb is twice per year, according to credible sources like Colgate or the American Dental Association, for example. With a dental health plan in place, the price for a periodic checkup is significantly less for someone who does not have dental insurance. As an example, the average cost of a routine dental exam $60. However, Avia Dental health plan members pay only $15.

Adjustments for Preventative Dental Care Schedules

Consider the following modifications to the dental check-up schedule:

Low Risk Patients

Individuals who fall into low-risk groups can trim the fat and schedule dental checkups once per year. A certified dentist should make this recommendation based on a review of the patient’s oral health, medical history, and family history. If there is no predisposition to common problems like gum disease or periodontal disease, for example, the provider may give you a pass and tell you to come again within 12 months.

High Risk Groups

On the other end of the scale are dental patients that fall into a high-risk group. Certain medical conditions or lifestyle habits increase patients’ risk of developing hard-to-treat issues – like periodontal disease. In such cases, it is essential to get a checkup more often than two times per year.  A few examples include:

  • Expecting Mothers – Women who are pregnant experience a lot of changes. This transitional time could also put expecting mothers at a higher risk of tooth decay and other dental issues due to hormonal changes. As such, an obstetrician may recommend visiting the dentist more often than usual.
  • Individuals with Diabetes – Diabetics typically have to make a number of lifetyle changes in order to manage the condition. Doctors may also recommend getting a checkup 3-4 times per year as diabetes predisposes patients to a number of oral health issues. A dentist, along with a primary care provider, is able to put together a plan of action for better management.
  • Smokers – People who smoke tend to experience longer healing times. As a result, it is crucial to get preventative care in order to avoid undergoing more restorative procedures that may end up causing complications.

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