According to medical researchers, an alarming percentage of preschoolers have tooth decay.

Another word that is commonly used to describe this condition in this age group is “early childhood caries”.

What’s even more alarming?

There is still some misconception about preschoolers having tooth decay. Some parents believe this condition is harmless because baby teeth eventually fall out.

While this may be true, tooth decay in early childhood can have lasting impacts.

Here’s why:

Permanent teeth lie under the gums of the baby teeth. Ask any dentist, and he or she will tell you that tooth caries in baby teeth may impact the permanent teeth also.

So what can parents do? According to dental health experts, the best cure for this epidemic is prevention itself.

Regular visits to the dentist can spot issues early. Parents can also receive valuable tips on how to prevent tooth decay. In addition, dentists may prescribe sealants in some cases to reduce the risk.

Is Cost a Hindrance to Dental Care?

Most well-meaning parents eventually end up feeling guilty about not taking their child to the dentist sooner.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that all children 12 months and older visit the dentist at least once per year. With cost being a factor, however, sometimes it’s impossible to squeeze in this “extra” into a tight family budget.

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