In the senior population, one of the growing concerns is the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Millions are diagnosed yearly and adult children often have to change roles by helping parents to stay out of harm’s way.

According to a recent article by WHTC News, dementia not only affects a person thoughts and views of the world, this condition also has a direct impact on self-care – or day-to-day activities.

Most caregivers often notice changes in hygiene, with some dementia patients skipping bathtime or oral hygiene. Based on the evidence, dental providers often urge caregivers to schedule preventative dental care as soon as a formal diagnosis is made. Doing so can potentially prevent complex dental issues in the future.

Dental issues that progress out of control are not only costly to fix, these are oftentimes painful for patients and can potentially lead to other health issues.

If you’re a caregiver of a senior who has been diagnosed with dementia, don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule a dental visit now.

Here’s What A Dentist Can Do for Dementia Patients:

  • Flouride Treatments – Otherwise known as flouride varnishes, these solutions can generally be applied to adult teeth to prevent tooth decay.
  • Quick Fixes – The earlier a dental issue is pinpointed, the easier it is to treat. According to most dental care providers, when teeth have excessively deteriorated due to disease or decay, more drastic or costlier options are required to restore the patient’s smile.

How to Pay for Dental Care

If your parent or loved one has health insurance, but it features limited dental care coverage, consider adding a supplementary security net – a dental discount plan. This costs roughly $8.25 per month for an individual plan, which subsequently saves 50% or more on a host of dental procedures.

Save as a Caregiver

In this newfound role, you may be overwhelmed by the financial costs of care. Avia Dental hopes to provide some relief with our low-cost dental discount plans to save you money when it’s time to go to the dentist. To learn more, call Avia Dental at:  1 (888) 431- 2273