Over the years, several efforts have been made to roll out free dental treatments to low-income or uninsured patients. These are primarily offered by public health organizations and private dental clinics. There are even many colleges which offer free dental care to the community.

What could possibly be better than free?

For patients who struggle financially, these free dental services are often a heaven sent. However, there are many limitations including:

  • First-Come First-Serve Only – Most free programs have a cutoff point and are available for one day only. As a result, only the first in line are generally seen.
  • Student Dentists – Free dental care at community colleges is typically provided by students with a supervisory dentist overseeing the cases. Would you risk it?
  • Stigma – Lining up for free dental services may be humiliating for some, especially if these services are offered close to where you work or live.

Better Than Free Dental and Vision Plans

The driving force behind Avia Dental is to primarily cut the cost of dental care for everyone – be it a man, woman, or child. Our dental health plans are low-cost and could also be considered better than free. Compare our dental plans with free dental and vision plans.

Here’s why:

With our low-cost dental plans, you can set up an appointment at a quality dental provider and never risk being turned away due to cutoff points.

There are no limitations for how much you can visit the dentist in any given year either. Furthermore, all savings are discreetly applied.

Please note: you will pay out-of-pocket fees at the dentist with our plans. However, these are significantly less than standard rates. Additionally, all the providers in our network are carefully screened for professionalism, credentials, and rankings.

To sign up for discount dental and vision plans with Avia Dental, call:

1 (888) 431- 2273.