Parents have many expenses to manage year-round. One expense which shouldn’t be skipped at any cost is dental care. When you consider the negative psychological toll tooth decay can have on a child or the health impacts associated with periodontal diseases, dental care should be a priority, not an option.

But what if the expense is just too high?

We have good news. Avia Dental Plans is putting the power back into the hands of people in all demographics, including workers on minimum wage, struggling families trying to make ends meet, or even seniors on a fixed income.

What Are Dental Plans for Low Income?

The dental plans offered by Avia Dental are affordable by all accounts. The individual rates start at just $8.25. These dollars are stretched in ways you’d never imagine. Let’s compare how these discount dental plans for individuals and families

save you money in the real world:

Dental Cost Comparisons

In the chart below, we provide a snapshot of the national median rates paid to dental care professionals for common procedures and stack these up against the discounted rates Avia Members pay:

Type of Procedure

The Median Rate

What Avia
Members Pay

Routine Oral Exams



Prophy- Child Cleaning (Includes Scaling & Polishing)



Sedative Filling




Therefore, on average, Avia Dental members’ costs are significantly reduced. When you compare the $8.25 median rate per person to the inflated monthly rates listed by insurance firms, the clear choice is to go with Avia Dental Plans.

Is It Too Good to Be True?

Every so often, a company comes along that disrupts the old way of doing things. Avia Dental Plans is one such company.

Tired of overpriced fee schedules by insurance firms and dental care professionals who are focused more on profits vs. patients, Avia Dental set out on a journey to form trusted partnerships with providers who truly care about improving patients’ lives. The other goal was to put dental care back within the reach of families and low-income patients.

Today, Avia Dental has secured partnerships with more than 40,000 in-network dental care providers that accept the discount dental plan for families and individuals alike.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth a Pound Of Cure

Help every member of your famaily maintain a picture-perfect smile by calling Avia Dental Plans at (888) 431- 2273.