A report by Tufts Now states that roughly 70% of seniors in America do not have dental insurance. With a large majority on a fixed income, the idea of securing low cost dentistry seems too far to reach. With Avia Dental Plans, this is all changing with our discount dental options for seniors.

An Overview of the State of Dental Health for Baby Boomers

With advances made in dental care over the past few decades, many seniors over 65 years of age have superior dental health when compared to our predecessors. Another contributing factor to improved oral health among seniors is the addition of fluoridated water in public water systems.

But this isn’t all that’s needed.

Regular dental checkups and restorative care are also a part of the overall plan to keep a beautiful smile for life. The upkeep doesn’t have to end after retirement. With Avia Dental Plans’ low monthly rates set at around $9 or less per month, baby boomers can take advantage of up to 50% off at in-network dental partners.

Seniors: Here’s How To Get Low-Cost Dental Work

To access low-cost dentistry rates, simply head to Avia Dental Plans and enroll in an individual discount dental plan. Some key advantages of this dental plan include:

  • Get Transparent Rates – This isnt a get-rick-quick scheme. Avia Dental Plans offers a very transparent dental fee schedule which can be reviewed at your leisure online. Review the anticipated discounts from in-network dental providers. If these fit your budget, then make the move to switch to an affordable discount plan at Avia Dental Plans.
  • Use Right Away – There’s no wait period for the plan to kick in. Once you enroll and secure a membership, the dashboard points you to a directory of partners that accept the dicount plan. Next, call and make an appointment or inquire if walk-ins are accepted.
  • No One Is Ever Turned Down – Unlike traditional insurance that may alter rates based on age, oral health history, and other factors, these are all null and void at Avia Dental Plans because everyone is accepted. There are no lengthy forms to fill out or private questions to answer. Just sign up, pay, and discounts become immediately available.

Finally, A Silver Lining

There’s a whole lot more in store for seniors seeking affordable geriatric dental care with Avia Dental Plans. In addition to no-limit dental care, you can also take advantage of vision and prescription discounts included with your plan. To learn more, call (888) 431- 2273.


Tufts Now