A recent article published by Good Magazine revealed that Americans in the southwest are flocking to “Molar City” for low priced dental care. These patients are dubbed as “dental refugees”.

Among these groups are middle-class citizens who are struggling with the inflated cost of basic dental care.

Just how many people are taking advantage of the lower prices in Molar City?

The numbers are astounding.

According to BuzzFeed, some 6,000 patients take the trip each day during the summer months. Though readers may be taken aback by American citizens resorting to Mexico for cheap dental care, it should be noted that dental subsidies are predominantly targeted to low-income citizens. Economic reports also point to the middle class dying out.

The influx of dental refugees is sudden but the service isn’t new. Molar City has been targeting American customers for years. It’s just a 10-mile drive from Arizona and features up to 350 dental clinics.

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