There’s a better way to do low cost dental care. Going to the dentist causes fear and anxiety for many of us. This isn’t so much the fear of pain. Anxiety sets in when we know we’ll have to pay a lot upfront for dental care services. For the average American, this is enough to put off dental care for years.

Avia Dental Plan wants you to know there’s a much better way to save on individual dental plans without paying high deductibles on insurance each month. The discount plan offered by our company presents some hard-to-resist benefits which are explored in this post:

Top Benefits of Avia Dental Plan

With an Avia Dental Plan, you get:

  • No Wait Times – Once you enroll, there’s no wait time to activate the plan and see a dentist. If you pay today, visit an in-network dentist the same day, provided walk-ins are welcome.
  • Up To 50% Off – The main benefit of individual dental plans offered by Avia Dental Plan is the opportunity to save substantially on out-of-pocket dental costs. Whether you’re getting your tooth pulled or need to check for cavities, you’ll end up paying up to 50% less.
  • To Stack It With Insurance Plans – To save even more, combine the discount with your regular insurance plan to see if more deductions can be taken at the register.
  • No Limits – With Avia Dental Plan, there are no caps or stipulations on how often you can use it. This by far exceeds the two-per-year limits typically seen with traditional dental insurance.
  • Prescription and Vision Included – Avia Dental Plan offers something other dental price clubs don’t. Members get more health perks, with prescription and vision discounts built-in.

How Family and Individual Dental Plans Work

The process for using an individual or family dental plan is super simple. After payment is made and confirmation is received:

  1. Search for Credible Dental Providers in the Network
  2. Book an Appointment
  3. Present the Dental Price Club Card
  4. See Price Cuts Immediately

Buy for Families or Employees

Avia Dental Plan also features corporate and family dental plans. The company serves members nationwide and has a longstanding reputation as one of the best dental price clubs on the market. The online reviews speak for themselves.

Take Better Care of You

Avia Dental Plan puts affordable dental care within the reach of millions of Americans from coast to coast. Join friends and neighbors switching to Avia Dental Plan by calling (888) 431-2273.