The workplace is constantly evolving as new products and services are introduced to the market. Is it time to update your compensation package?

In this article, we’ll explore voluntary benefits and new perks that you can consider adding.

What Are Voluntary Benefits?

Voluntary benefits are defined as coverages featured in an HR benefits package. As the name suggests, workers can opt-in or decline the benefits.

These voluntary benefits are typically funded by workers via payroll deferral or paid in whole or part by the company. Examples of voluntary benefits include pet coverage, dental discount plans, life insurance, accident insurance, and more.

Voluntary Benefit Ideas to Chew On

As more companies search for new products to optimize the compensation package, Avia Dental Plans has researched and narrowed down a list of voluntary benefits to consider adding, including our dental discount plans:

  • Telemedicine – Telehealth is a burgeoning trend in HR and the general population as a whole. In most cases, consulting with a virtual physician cost less than going to a local doctor. There are no commutes to deal with when you’re feeling sick and a prescription is usually sent electronically to a local pharmacy in minutes.
  • Discount Dental Plan – As mentioned earlier, we offer discount dental plans that make up an attractive compensation package. The investment is just a drop in the bucket when compared to conventional dental insurance. The average commitment per individual per month is $8.25 and the benefits include up to 50% off dental work. These dental plans also include discounts on vision services and prescription fulfillments.
  • Financial Counseling – Help workers put their hard-earned income to good use by subscribing to financial counseling classes. There are a plethora of affordable online programs that can be accessed day or night – after work hours.

Benefits at a Glance – The Top Advantages of a Good Compensation Package:

  • Retain Top Workers – Show Workers You Care About Their Well-Being
  • Keep Workers Fit and Healthy – When Employees Are In Good Shape, HR Managers Can Expect Optimized Performance   
  • A Happy Worker is a Productive Worker – It Is Well-Documented that More Contented Employees Add More to the Bottom Line

The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It

Tend your side of the garden with voluntary benefits that are too good to pass up – such as the affordable discount dental plans by Avia Dental. To enroll, call (888) 431-2273.