Moms know that good oral hygiene is a critical part of keeping the family healthy. For working families that don’t qualify for programs like Medicaid, the inflated cost of dental care may prompt parents to forego this health service altogether.

Avia Dental Plans believes there should be an easier way to take care of your family’s dental health without sacrificing an arm and a leg. That’s why we formulated discount plans to bring good dental care to anyone who’s interested.

Monthly individual dental plans cost roughly the same price as a movie ticket while the family dental plans are priced around $13.25 per month.

There are no limits on the number of visits you can schedule per year. In addition, once you subscribe to a family dental plan, it kicks in right away. Keep your family healthy with family dental coverage!

It’s Never Too Late to Make a Change

Take your toddler or school-ager to that long-postponed dental appointment for screenings of cavities. Sealants can also be applied to prevent cavities before they happen. And that toothache your husband has been complaining about for some time now? Pay only half the price or less for fillings and other restorative treatments.

Mom – The Accountant

To run the numbers of how much you pay out of pocket after investing in a family group dental plan at Avia Dental, refer to our fee schedule, where you can compare the national averages of common dental procedures and what members actually pay.

Most dental insurance groups ask for a $350 annual investment per person. In addition, these insurance plans have many limits. Compare Avia Dental Plans’ $99/year policy that provides many add-on benefits.

Mom – The Bargain Hunter

You coupon and bargain hunt for the best deals year-round. You also know a good thing when you see one.

If you haven’t heard about the family dental plans provided by Avia Dental, your dental care budget is about to be discounted significantly once you make the move and enroll. In addition to dental discounts on minor and major procedures, your membership provides additional access to prescription and vision discounts, too.

Add a Low-Cost Dental Plan to the Family’s Budget

Avia Dental knows that moms wear many hats, including being the chief household manager. Ensure your home runs like a well-oiled machine by taking care of what matters most – your family’s health. Make the switch to Avia Dental Plan by calling (888) 431- 2273.