You work hard at your job and your employer provides health benefits for you but they are not always enough coverage. Sometimes you find you need more coverage for items such as vision or dental needs. With the Avia Dental Group’s individual dental plans you can easily get the extra you need to take great care of yourself. These dental discount plans can help you get the routine items you need completed or help in emergency cases. Why should you choose our dental plan? Here’s a look at how some of the individual benefits can help you.

Immediate coverage

When you participate in Avia Dental plans, you do not have to wait for your coverage to start. This is not like your insurance where there is a waiting period. You are able to have coverage right away and the benefits start immediately.

Less out of pocket

When it comes to medical and dental bills, you can have astronomical amounts if you do not have the proper coverage. By working with Avia and utilizing their dental discount plans, you can put less out of pocket each visit than you typically would, without any type of coverage on your side. These affordable dentist plans come in handy when you need to have routine cleanings, a filling repaired, or if you need to have implants placed.

Braces benefits, too!

Do you hide your smile due to a less than straight mouth? That doesn’t have to be the case anymore. With your new discount dental plans, you can have the option for affordable braces when the time comes. If you want to work with your dentist to choose traditional braces, or even the InvisAlign, it’s up to you! These plans offer you assistance with making your perfect dream smile come true.

Never Denied

Some other plans may decide they do not want to cover you. That doesn’t happen here at Avia Dental. Our plans always cover you and you’re never denied for your affordable dental plans you choose.  There are never any limits imposed on the amount of times you can visit your affordable dentist either. So you can rest easy that you’re procedure can be completed no matter how many visit’s it takes.

With the affordable individual dental plans you receive from Avia Dental, you can choose your dentist of choice from over 40,000 different doctors. That gives you the freedom to find the one you love and stick with them. Take care of yourself and your dental health with the affordable dental plans today!