You work hard to take care of your family and your responsibilities. Sometimes you don’t quite make ends meet when it comes to health and dental coverage. That’s where the Avia Dental affordable family dentistry plans step in. These plans are made to help you get that extra care you need to take care of your little one’s cleanings, your teens braces, or your own routine care. Take a look at how low income dentist plans work for you and what you’re gaining by taking a few minutes to discover these amazing plans.

Coverage for the whole family

Avia offers dental coverage for your entire family. These affordable family dentistry options make it easy to get the care and coverage you need, when you need it. You can choose from over 40,000 dentist for low income families so you always have your favorite dentist on stand-by. Our dental health plans for low income families offer coverage for your children and spouse to make sure that everyone is protected and has their beautiful smiles intact.

Braces? No problem!

Does your teen need braces? Are you concerned about how high the cost can be? That’s not a problem with your Avia Dental group coverage. Our affordable braces plans can help you get your child the perfectly straight smile they’re after, while saving your wallet. Our low income dentist plan options take the hassle out of getting the braces your child, or maybe even you, need to correct misaligned bites, TMJ issues, and crooked smiles.

No limits to your care

Some other plans may allow you to only visit the dentist a few times a year. With our plan you can visit as many times as you need to visit. There are no limits on dental visits for your family. That gives you the best options for your needed dental care whether it’s a planned routine exam or if you have an emergency case with your little one.

Dental implants options

You may feel that dental implants are out of the question for your dental work needs. That’s not the case with our affordable dental plans. We offer low cost dental implants options so that you can keep the healthy teeth you have and get corrections for those you don’t. You can have the beautiful smile you want with these amazing affordable plans.

Don’t feel as if you can’t provide the dental coverage you need to for your family. These plans can complement the coverage you have from your employer or just give you affordable dental options by themselves. You don’t have to break the bank as the fees are affordable for any income. Call today or discover more on the Avia Dental website to see how you can cover your family for amazing dental care with our dental health plans for low income families!