Planning for Dental Expenses

Most of us have suffered from a dental emergency or two. Unexpected dental health issues can pop up at any time. In order to prevent financial strain, a discount dental plan can help. Read on to see the top 4 reasons to go to the dentist.

The Top Reasons to Go to a Dentist

Beyond preventative care, dental care professionals often treat:

  • Bad Breath – Millions of people suffer from bad breath, which can be caused by several factors, including gingivitis or periodontal disease. Bad breath may also be a sign of an underlying condition, such as diabetes. A certified dentist can rule out the causes of bad breath and create a plan of action for eradicating this issue once and for all.
  • Tooth Pain – When a throbbing tooth pain takes hold, it’s hard to ignore. Over-the-counter medicines can provide a temporary fix, but if the source of the pain isn’t addressed quickly, you may be setting yourself up for worst pain and more expenses.

The root cause of most tooth pain is decay caused by a cavity. When the cavity grows into the nerves of the affected tooth, an extraction or root canal may be necessary.

  • Dentures and Crowns – Missing teeth caused by injury, extraction, or tooth loss can significantly hamper our self-confidence. However, dentures and crowns make it possible to regain a full and confident smile. If you have broken or missing teeth that makes you uncomfortable, your dentist may discuss removable or permanent orthodontic solutions.
  • Uneven Teeth – One of the top reasons for visiting a dentist is to get help straightening teeth. To correct overcrowding or crooked teeth, dentists have perfected the art of alignment using braces. Today, dental patients have several options, including traditional metal braces or invisible and less-invasive options like Invisalign. The cost for getting braces is often a barrier for fixing misaligned teeth. However, discount dental work insurers like Avia Dental Plan can help to connect patients with low-cost providers and plans.

Take Control of Your Dental Health

With an Avia Dental Plan in place, you can visit the dentist regularly and according to plan without paying high out-of-pocket expenses on a limited income.

Avia Dental Plan ultimately puts the power in your hands to take control of your dental health and maintain a clean, bright, and healthy smile without worries about how to pay. Whether you need discount dentures or routine dental care, Avia Dental puts you on the fast track to get quality dental solutions for less.

To get discount dental work available, go to Avia Dental Plan or call (888) 431-CARE (2273). Please feel free to take a look at our affordable dental health plans.