With the rising costs of living being compounded by stagnant wages, many Americans are putting off dental care, studies show. If you can relate to this, then you should know that you can actually access inexpensive dentistry providers without sacrificing safe quality care.

Here’s How You Can Afford Quality Dental Care:

  • Sign Up for Affordable Dentistry Plans – With comparison sites like Avia Dental Plan readily accessible at any hour of the day, you can search for individual, group, or family plans to subsidize the out-of-pocket costs of dental visits. The monthly rates vary and start at an average of $8.25 per month. This low-cost payment saves you up to 50% on dental work, including preventative checkups and regular cleanings.
  • Visit Low-Income Dentists – There’s more than one way to connect with a dentist that serves low-income patients. You can search online and make a few calls, or connect with a 211 call center to ask for a dentist for low-income patients. The downside to this option is that most low-income dental clinics offer subpar services. When you don’t want to compromise your safety and peace of mind, a affordable dentistry plan provides a much better solution. When you subscribe to Avia Dental Plan, you can search for hundreds of certified and high-ranking dental providers who accept the discount plan. In addition, once you join an Avia Dental plan, it kicks in right away.
  • Search for Free Promotions – Every so often, charitable groups put on free or subsidized dental care days in communities throughout the United States. This is one way to secure dental care, but it’s insufficient for getting the bi-annual checkup recommended. Moreover, overtaxed charities often miss important diagnoses that dentists could make in more suitable settings – such as a fixed dental office.

Find a Dentist for Low-Income 

Avia Dental Plan is A-rated by the Better Business Bureau. For as little as $99 per year for individuals, you can access cheap dentistry solutions and maintain a beautiful smile – for life.

Most dental health insurance plans require hundreds of dollars in annual costs. Not Avia Dental, which has vetted and sourced an extensive network of dental care professionals in the field. You can even complete a preliminary search for a local provider in your area – well before enrolling in a plan. This is how confident Avia Dental Plan is with the platform we offer.

To shop and compare discount dental plans, visit the official site or call (888) 431-CARE (2273).