Avia Dental is on a mission to keep abreast of the latest news in dental care. A common thread we often come across in the media is that most Americans cannot afford dental care, even at a low-cost dental clinic where upfront fees are usually required.

Recently, our team accessed a report by CBS News which outlined that roughly 28% of middle agers cannot fund dental insurance. Another 56% forgo dental care unless they’re experiencing severe dental problems.

It’s an alarming statistic given that regular dental care plays a big role in one’s overall health. Read on to find out more information about low cost dental care for the uninsured.

What’s the Driving Force for the Lack of Dental Care?

Most people understand the benefits and importance of getting routine and preventative dental care.

So, what exactly is hindering their commitment to seek and get treatment?

According to researchers, the main culprit is cost.

If you’re a part of this statistic, chances are you didn’t need a study to find this out.

You’ve probably heard about low-income dental options for uninsured patients or sliding scale fees offered by low-cost dental clinics. Perhaps, you’ve even tried these alternatives but found it wasn’t worth the effort.

Why Dental Clinics Are Not a Good Option

Even though low-cost dental clinics charge less than private practices, they come with a price.

Patients often have to wait hours to get care and many have to take time off from work to see a provider.

Is There Any Way To Get Good Quality Dental Care For Less?

At Avia Dental, we are happy to report a better way to get high-quality dental care with low-cost dental options for uninsured patients.

Our dental health plans are priced affordably and provide our members with huge discounts on different niches of dental care.

As a member of Avia Dental, you pay roughly $8.25 per month for an individual plan. In turn, you get access to top-notch dental providers and pay 50% less – sometimes more.

For transparency purposes, let’s do the median cost breakdown for common dental procedures when you enroll in an individual plan:

  • Periodic Oral Exams Cost Roughly $15
  • Adult Cleanings, Including Scaling and Polishing Costs Approximately $35
  • Sedative Fillings Are $40 on Average

These rates vary from provider to provider. Nevertheless, the message is that with an Avia Dental plan in place, you pay significantly less, even without dental insurance. Moreover, the rates are comparable to low-cost dental clinics.

So what are you waiting for?

This is an unheard of deal in the dental care market. To sign up for a plan that’s valid in your state, call (888) 431- 2273.

Source: CBS News