According to a report by Oral-B, the average cost of traditional braces ranges from $3,000 to $7,000 depending on the material and brand used. For patients without dental insurance, these prices may be out of reach. Affordable dental braces do exist which is where our discount dental plans for braces come in!

A New and More Economical Way to Order Braces

There is some good news for consumers looking for low cost braces:

Competition among orthodontists is driving costs down.

Companies like Smiles Direct Club or Candid, for example, are providing dental patients with a low-cost way to straighten their smile from the comfort of home.

Average Costs for Direct Order Braces

The average cost for these services is roughly 25% -75% less than what you would pay at a dental care provider. The median rates are listed between $1,500 – $1,900.

Financing is Available

Additionally, customers can finance direct-order braces with a low monthly payment.

How it Works

The select company ships a mold to the interested party’s home. Upon receipt, the patient bites into the mold. The mockup is sent back to the company and custom braces are created and delivered to the patient’s home.

There is a catch to these direct-order services, however. These low cost dental braces only work for mild to moderate orthodontic issues.

If patients’ teeth are severely overcrowded or crooked, more invasive measures are needed at an orthodontic’s office.

Discounts for Patients With Severe Malocclusion

If a smile club isn’t right for you and you’ve already taken a preliminary impression to determine this, what are some other options to get a straighter smile for less?

The best course of action is to seek out a trusted orthodontist to conduct a comprehensive evaluation. Preferably, the list of orthodontists in your area can be narrowed down by cost and insurance accepted.

To pay even less out-of-pocket, consider enrolling in Avia Dental Plan, which discounts orthodontic fees by 20%. With an individual plan, you can also pay significantly less for routine, diagnostic, and preventative services. Take a look at our full list of dental fee schedules offered by Avia Dental.

Find Cheap Dentistry That Fits Your Budget

With Avia Dental, dental patients can take advantage of affordable dental care, including far more complex procedures like teeth alignments. To sign up for an individual or group plan, call (888) 431- 2273