Whether you are having trouble with pain because of your bite being off or your teen is in need of affordable braces, you can get the smile you want, and deserve, with the Avia Dental family dental plans. Affordable cosmetic dentistry is at your fingertips with the online plans available for your entire family. You can get the smile you want or just fix medical problems with your bite and pain in your jaws. Take a look at the different options available to help you get the smile you want with affordable family dental care.


More than just straightening your teeth, affordable braces can help you with a myriad of personal health and self confidence issues. Your bite being off can cause problems with your jaw, cause pain when you chew, and can wear on your teeth. It can cause you to lose certain teeth due to more tension being on those teeth than others. By using the family dental plans by Avia, you can get the braces you need without breaking the bank.

Your teen may be having confidence issues due to a smile that’s not quite straight. With these affordable plans, you can help them gain their confidence back with different products available from your dentist.

Cosmetic Dentistry

There have been many leaps and bounds in the past years through cosmetic dentistry. No longer is pulling teeth that have been damaged a must. You can choose from a variety of affordable cosmetic dentistry options such as veneers, crowns, bridges, and implants. If you just have one or two teeth that are stained or damaged, you can have veneers placed or implants and keep the good teeth you still have. This helps you to avoid having to have dentures and helps to keep the teeth that you want to where they are.

The Whole Family is Covered

By working with Avia Dental online, you can cover your whole family for a fraction of what other plans cost. These family dental plans allow you to have access to braces, regular dental checkups and low cost dental care so that your whole family has the oral health they deserve. Check out the plans online at their website or call the friendly staff today to see how you can start saving up to 50% and more on your dental needs. You can choose from over 40,000 dentists to find one you and your family loves. Keep your dental health in tact and help your family have the smiles they deserve with these