When it comes to running your small business, your union or organization, you want to offer the best-of-the-best for your members. One of those items is affordable dental and vision plans. Traditional insurance can be costly for you as the employer or owner and for your members. By utilizing the group dental plans offered through Avia Dental, you can give your group the best without breaking the bank. There are many benefits to these cheap dental plans and here are just a few to share with your members.

Save Money!

When it comes to health care, it can get quite expensive, especially for a multi-person family. With the Avia Dental plans, you can save up to and over 50% on all your dental visits. This is all done for a very low monthly fee so even membership to the plan is inexpensive. You can offer peace of mind to your employees or members for a fraction of the cost of traditional insurance plans.

Save Time

When you’re signing up for insurance, it can take a long period before you are actually covered. By using the online dental and vision plans from Avia, you are covered from the moment you sign up. There’s never a waiting period and you can start using your coverage right away!

More than Just Dental

With Avia you are offered more than just great cheap dental plans. You’re also offered savings on both your vision and prescription needs. With the prescriptions you can save at least 20%, and sometimes more, on your generic items. You can use it as often as you need to and you’ll find over 59,000 pharmacies to choose from. Your vision coverage also offers savings to you on your routine eye exams, contact lens, and more.

Never Denied

For some of your employees, or even yourself, getting coverage for their family has been impossible. Some companies do not cover you if you have existing conditions. Avia Dental never denies your members or you and you’re covered immediately. This gives you peace of mind that anyone who is in your group can get the coverage they need to protect their family with dental and vision plans.

Contact us online today or through our friendly customer service representatives. We can help you get group dental and vision plans for your employees that you’re looking for and cover your entire business office, association, organization or union. Offer your members