According to a new report by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, enterprises and corporations have an opportunity to attract and keep top talent by adding discount dental plans to the benefits package.

Per the report, benefits are is the third most significant denominator of employee satisfaction. A National Association of Dental Plans (NADP) Survey also revealed that dental insurance is ranked as one of the most important benefits by employees.

Other Snapshots of the Report:

  • 30% of Employees Stay for Benefits or Resign for Another
  • Only 70% of Employers Provide Wellness Programs

If you’re a business owner or HR manager, discount dental plans are worth looking into. Plans from Avia Dental, for example, are extremely affordable when compared to conventional dental insurance. And even though these plans may be economical, they offer real benefits for both employees and employers alike.

For example, any employee enrolled in the program is able to score 50% off the dental care fees at providers within the network. Furthermore, there is no wait time to seek care.

A plan covers much more than routine cleanings.

Discounted services include care from orthodontists, endontists, pedodontists, cosmetics surgeons, and more. Employees can therefore use the plan for comprehensive services like dental implants.

More In Store

A membership on Avia Dental provides discounts on vision and prescription services also.

Snapshot of Discount Dental Plan Benefits for Employers:

  • Improve the Company’s Wellness Program
  • Help Keep Employees Healthy
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction

Let’s elaborate on the above benefits for a few, and in particular, giving the competitive advantage of better oral health to employees:

Not only are bright white smiles great to look at, medical studies confirm that regular dentalcare positively impacts a person’s overall health.

For employees that visit the dentist regularly, it supports their regular health care regime. Dental care providers are trained to pinpoint the warning signs of ailments, such as diabetes and even heart disease. The earlier these conditions are caught, the better the outlook for treatment.

In the grand scheme of things, when business owners take an initiative to improve wellness programs, everyone wins.

Is Your Company Lagging Behind In The Benefits Department?

Consider Avia Dental, which offers discounted plans on dentistry as well as price cuts on group enrollment. To learn more, call (888) 431- 2273.

Source: Biz Journals