Avia Dental Plan remains at the forefront of providing low-cost dental plans and news for potential patients and residents in Louisiana and all other U.S. continental states. As we continue to tweak and adjust our Lousiana dental plans intermittently to provide more perks and benefits to our members, another undertaking we’re proud to tackle is keeping you up to date on our blog. In this article, we’ve curated the most exciting and intriguing news in the dental industry.

Mental Floss

What’s the latest cutting-edge technology and reduced rate dental plans hitting the market as we speak? Here are a few:

  • An Automated Whole Mouth Brush – The days of the manual toothbrush are numbered. A new fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for the world’s first automatic toothbrush, the Amabrush, has already ammassed more than $3 million from sponsors.

Unlike pesky “electronic toothbrushes” that require the efforts of the user to swindle the brush through all corners of the mouth, the Amabrush is fully automated.

Users pop in a whole mouthpiece that doubls as a brush. You then push a button to begin brushing, and within 10 seconds, your whole mouth is cleaned.

There’s no scrubbing or elbow grease required on your part.

Imagine all the cavities this bad boy would prevent in users who don’t have the time or energy to brush the recommended two minutes for two times per day! The device has yet to hit the market, as commercialized prototypes are in still the works. However, Avia Dental Plan is eying this technology as progress is made..

  • Oil Pulling for Oral Health – One natural remedy for oral health that have gained a great deal of attention over the last couple of months is “oil pulling”.

Advocates of this ancient Ayurvedic practice purport that it can prevent and even reverse tooth decay.

Avia Dental Plan dug a little deeper into the claims of supporters and critics alike and concludes that this practice should not replace regular dental care.

With our low-cost dental plans beginning at under $10 per month, you will have no good reason to skip the dentist. If you do decide on supplementing regular dental care with the age-old practice of oil pulling using coconut oil, The American Dental Association warns users to be careful not to swallow the liquid. Doing so could cause pneumonia or a bad case of diarrhea.

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