Are you looking for a cost effective way to offer your group of employees affordable dental plans? You need to look no further with the amazing services provided by Avia Dental. With these affordable group dental care plans you can easily offer services to your employees or group without breaking the bank to do so. Here are a few reasons that Avia Dental may be what you’re looking for when it comes to great family dental plan coverage for your entire company.

Save Money

With the Avia Dental plans offered, you can easily offer savings of up to 50% for your group to enjoy. Normal dental expenses can be quite high but with assistance through Avia, these expenses can be cut almost in half. You can offer great group dental insurance assistance with the plans offered through Avia.

No Limits

You, your family, or your employees can visit the dentist as many times as needed. Whether you need to have braces for your young teen or you need to have a routine cleaning, you can go as much as needed to get the treatment you deserve.

Affordable Fees

Some coverage plans cost you quite a lot up front to get the coverage you deserve. That is not the case with our group dental plans. You can save money not only in the dentist office, but in membership with Avia. Affordable rates make it easy to get the dental coverage you need without having to cut the budget elsewhere.

No One is Turned Down

With Avia, you’re guaranteed coverage when you sign up. Our affordable dental plans make it easy to get your entire family covered without pre-existing conditions being an issue. Whether you need coverage for braces or routine work, or you are in need of major repairs, you’re covered.

Coverage Starts Today!

From the moment you sign up, you have amazing group dental coverage. There is no wait time as in traditional insurance plans. You can start saving and utilizing your benefits right away. This makes it easy to get in and see your favorite dentist as soon as your appointment is available.

Thousands to Choose From

With over 40,00 dental providers available, you can easily find the dentist that is right for you. Our group dental care plans make it easy to choose the provider you want instead of having to use just the one on the list. Finding the right dentist can make all the difference in the world for your oral health care.

Check out our programs online or call one of our highly trained customer representatives to see how you can sign your company, Union, or Association up for group dental coverage today!