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What many of you don’t know is that we’re also on the lookout for valuable services that provide health benefits to you and your family.

This Weeks Picks: Bank on Stem Cells from Pulled Teeth

According to the  University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), root pulps that are pulled during wisdom tooth extractions provide an abundant supply of healthy stem cells.

One could say that stem cell research has made many strides, but for the most part, it’s still in the infancy stages. We now know that stem cells have the potential to treat damage caused by disease or physical injuries.

Now, scientists are telling us to save our pulled or extracted teeth, including:

  • Baby Teeth
  • Pulled Teeth
  • Wisdom Teeth

How it Works

How do you bank on stem cells from your baby, pulled, and wisdom teeth? The idea of storing stem cells from teeth may seem intriguing. However, you may be wondering how it’s done.

There are scores of reputable stell cell banks on the market, which arrange the whole process from start to finish.

Simply tell the stem cell bank when the extraction is scheduled at your low-cost dental clinic, pay the fees due, and sit back while you secure your future health.

Most stem cell banks charge an initial processing fee that can be paid in parts. After these fees are covered, an annual maintenance fee is posted averaging $120 per year.

Add An Extra Layer Of Security to Your Family

If you’re interested in taking better care of your dental health at a lower price, subscribe to Avia Dental. Next, research if stem cell banking is right for you.

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