Your smile is the first thing most people notice about you. What if you’re not confident in your smile due to damage to your teeth or other problems that have developed? There are a few ways you can get the smile you want without breaking the bank. With the affordable cosmetic dentistry plans available at Avia Dental, you can get the smile you have longed for while saving money at the same time.

There are a few options available now when it comes to fixing your smile. You might choose from affordable veneers or implants, depending on the situation. Take a look at why you might choose one dental plan that covers veneers over the other to get your smile back.


Typically if you’re missing teeth or have one or two fall out, the affordable implants is the way to go. These are basically a man-made tooth root that will keep your jaw bone from deteriorating over time. These implants will look and feel just like your own teeth. Not only do they improve your smile, they help you to keep in tip-top shape when it comes to your mouth. Missing teeth can cause a myriad of problems, more than just an unsightly smile. It’s important that you have all your teeth stay where they are. If they don’t, the implants are a great way to fix it.


The other option is cheap veneers for teeth. These are basically a layer placed over your current teeth that you have. This helps to whiten and brighten your smile, while fixing any unsightly problems along the way. These can help to cover those chips, stains or any gaps in your teeth that you may have. These do not go down to the root and they will only last about 10-years or so. Discount veneers are an option if you’re just looking to cover up damage, not if you need to replace a tooth.

Talking with your dentist can help you to find the right affordable cosmetic dentistry route for you. Using the Avia Dental plans offered can help you to cut the cost of this work in half. If you’re looking at implants or low cost veneers, call our office today to see how we can help you get your smile back. With over 40,000 dentists to choose from and affordable plans for the whole family, our experienced team has got you covered for all your dental health care needs.