Taking care of your family consists of a variety of appointments and doctors visits throughout the

year. From your regular physicals to sick visits and dental care, the costs can add up quickly. When it

comes to taking care of your family’s dental health, it can seem quite expensive to cover the basic

needs. Your employer’s family dental plans may not cover as much as you need it to. When you work

with Avia Dental, you’re going to find affordable family dentistry available to you for less than you

might think. Check out a few ways below that your new affordable family dentistry plan can help you

get your entire family the care they need.


Orthodontic Care

Straightened teeth are not just a cosmetic need. Your family, or even yourself, can have some

problems with chewing, pain, or discomfort in your jaw if your teeth are not properly aligned. Braces

can be quite expensive no matter if you go the traditional route or other newer technology like the

Invsialign option. Working with Avia Dental, you can easily find affordable braces to help your children

or yourself have a beautiful smile and avoid the pain that can come with misaligned teeth.


Basic Dental Care

Finding affordable family dentistry can seem quite overwhelming. No matter how well you try to take

care of your teeth at home, you need to see the dentist regularly. When the costs of taking care of

your entire family add up, it can be a large amount that you just don’t have right away. Utilizing the

amazing plans offered at Avia Dental, you can easily find that affordable dentistry you’re looking for.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Let’s face it. Accidents happen when you least expect them. Maybe your child is playing baseball or

soccer and gets hit in the face with the ball. There goes their front teeth. Perhaps you’re working on a

project and something slips in the garage. It just happens to hit you in the mouth and you lose a

tooth. Maybe you’ve just never been happy with your smile or have had damage from a lifetime of

bad habits. Whatever the situation may be, finding affordable cosmetic dentistry seems to be out of

reach. That’s not the case anymore. You can find affordable plans with Avia Dental to help cover those

emergency costs or cosmetic dentistry needs.


You can now afford that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted or that you’ve wanted to give to your

children. Discover affordable family dentistry that covers you when maybe your family dental plans

from work do not. Call today or visit the Avia Dental website to find out more on how you can get the

assistance you need to bring your smile back.